All of the interior of the hopper HARDOX 500 is covered with wear-resistant steel armor. All electrical and electronic equipment SCHNEIDER brand. Tracks taken on the sieve until the rotor blades and the blades are mounted on top and bottom wall continues to disintegrate. If the screen width of blade exits used parts. An electric motor driven gear unit is provided as the movement of the rotors. Rotors shall act independently of each other. Shredder'a loading conveyor and polyps can be done. In the event of a jam between the rotor blades are rotating in the opposite direction compression fixes. The normal directions of the rotors continue to rotate after the jam is cleared. Jam does not resolve whether the machine beep stops. Technical Specifications: Capacity (kg / h): 3000-5000 Electric motor (kW): 2 x 30 Weight (kg): 6000 Mechanical Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 4300 x 1900 x 3400 Chamber Dimensions (Width x Height): 700 x 1000